Download RGB bar for Minecraft Pe

RGB bar add-on

The RGB bar add-on For Minecraft Pe: is a Minecraft add-on that adds a new block to the game, the RGB bar, which can emit colored light. The RGB bar can be customized to display any color by adjusting the red, green, and blue (RGB) values of the light emitted.

RGB bar add-on

Some of the key features of the RGB bar add-on include:

  1. Customizable color: The RGB bar can be adjusted to display any color by changing the RGB values, allowing players to create their own unique color combinations.
  2. Versatile use: The RGB bar can be used for a variety of purposes in Minecraft, including lighting up builds, creating colorful displays, and adding visual interest to builds.
  3. Simple to use: The RGB bar is easy to use, with players able to change the color by simply adjusting the RGB values in the game.
  4. Enhanced visuals: The RGB bar adds an extra level of visual interest to Minecraft builds, with the customizable colors providing a unique and vibrant look to the game world.

Overall, the RGB bar add-on is a simple and versatile add-on that provides players with the ability to add custom colored lights to their builds in Minecraft. With its customizable colors and easy-to-use functionality, the RGB bar add-on is a great way to enhance the visuals of Minecraft builds.

Download RGB bar mod For Minecraft: